15. The Birds and the Bees [the Finnmark Heath, June 24; English version]

heath in spring insects seksualitet/kjønnsdrift/forplantning spring plants / vårplanter

The seasons of northern regions suffer violent transmutations. Right now I am sitting by the computer, looking out of the window; it is early November, eight o’clock in the morning, and the sunlight has not reached further than to the upper part of the mountain ridges here in Rauland, Norway. […]

14. More Than Seven Wise Men Can Answer [the Finnmark heath, June 24; English version]

agency/self-governed behavior (in animals) animal behavior Birdlife / Fugleliv heath in spring sexuality/propagation/pollination spring plants / vårplanter

For a long time I sat on the hilltop looking down on the lakes below me – Joatkajávrrit – that lay shimmering in the evening sun. Alt that glitters is not gold; some of it is much far more precious – like the golden sheen on this fresh and pure […]

14.Mer enn ti vise kan svare [Finnmarksvidda. 24. juni; norsk versjon]

agens/ egenstyrt handlingsevne (hos dyr) dyrs atferd fugleliv seksualitet/kjønnsdrift/forplantning spring plants / vårplanter vårvidda

Jeg satt en lang stund på åsryggen og kikket ned på vannene under meg – Joatkajávrrit – som lå og skimret i kveldssola. Alt som glimrer er ikke gull. Noe av det er langt mer dyrebart – som det gyldne gjenskinnet på dette friske og rene vannet. Sol + vann […]

13. Alienated from Nature? What Baloney! [the Finnmark heath; June 24; English version]

animal behavior Birdlife / Fugleliv heath in spring Sami / samer spring plants / vårplanter The Finnmark heath / Finnmarksvidda

Two and a half months have passed since I last wrote on my blog. Scandalous, to say the least. (Partly due to summer vacation; mostly due to work with other stuff.) But now, as you see, I am back. I will try to write two blog posts a week, sometimes […]