This is a note of apology to my select (albeit small) coterie of English-language readers.

It concerns the translations of my blog posts into English only: I have reluctantly decided, with considerable regrets, that I will have to discontinue, in the future, to write my blog posts in English as well. The reasons are simple: It takes me much more time & work than I had anticipated to translate every post from Norwegian into English; and I am seventy-two years old.

Had I but world enough and time, my blog posts could have grown, to quote Marvell, vaster than empires and more slow. But, unfortunately, at my back I always hear / Time’s winged chariot hurrying near. That chariot is rattling louder and louder. Time is becoming  an increasingly precious, rare commodity, and I have to give priority to writing as many blog posts as possible, rather than doing it bilingually.

Thus, to my very  small coterie of English readers: Thank you for following me. Your attention has been much appreciated. I will miss the feeling that someone out there, i.e. outside of the borders of Scandinavia, would be able to read my blog.

Just in case you would wonder what the world looks like in my Norwegian home-town surroundings, here is a picture of me with the city of Tromsø far below and the Arctic Ocean beyond, seen from the top of the city’s signature mountain, Tromsdalstind/Sálašoaivi.


May you fare well. All the best,